Environmental Hazard Remediation Services

There is a multitude of different impurities that affect the quality of air your breathe within your home or business that can have an impact on you and your families health.
At X-Cel Restoration we provide the necessary steps to remediate the hazardous material from your home or business.

Mold Remediation • Sewer Back-Up • Asbestos • Lead Abatement • Soda Blasting • HVAC • Furniture Re-Upholstry


Mold Remediation

  • Identify source of water or moisture problem and repair it
  • Complete remediation and follow-up


  • We have the advance training, equipment, and resources to properly remove and safely dispose of asbestos materials
  • We follow all safety and environment rules to properly perform repairs

Soda Blasting

  • We use compressed air and soda ash to remove mold and other fungal growth from lumber and building materials to prevent mold recurrence

Furniture Re-Upholstery

  • Our skilled craftsman have years of quality experience and pay attention to every stitch and grain when restoring furniture to ensure it comes back in better condition than before the disaster

Sewer Back-Up

  • Dangerous untreated sewage contains disease-causing organisms
  • We provide complete cleaning, sanitizing and disposal services

Lead Abatement

X-Cel Restoration is an EPA certified lead removal contractor. Our people have been rigorously trained in the safe and environmentally responsible methods of removal and disposal. We understand and follow all national safety regulations and building codes to prevent errors and costly re-dos.

HVAC/Duct Cleaning

  • Important to clean and sanitize ducts to prevent spores, odors, and debris from re-occurring or spreading